Rustik Lys

Angel Candles by Rustik Lys

Angel Candles by Rustik Lys


Sculpture candles are here to stay! So a Christmas variant should certainly not be missed. Apart from that, these angels are super cute! They look great when you combine the little and big ones, and try mixing and matching with different colours as well!

Loving, honest and traditional: this is how Rustik Lys's candles are made and they are proud of that!

So.. Are you going for angels or Christmas tree candles this year? We have beautiful Rustik Lys Bloom or Petal Sculpture Candles too!

Please note: the sculpture candles may leak. We therefore recommend that you place the candles on a saucer.


Angel L: 7 x 16 cm; 30 burning hours

Angel S (per 3): 8 cm; 2 burning hours

Colours: Dark brown (Cognac), Light Brown (Fudge), Green (Eucalyptus), Pink, Gold

Origin: Handmade and designed by Rustik Lys in the Netherlands