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Berber Cushion Beni Ouarain

Berber Cushion Beni Ouarain



Would you like to add a touch of warmth to your decoration? What could be better than a soft and warm Moroccan artisanal cushion. The Beni Ouarain cushion adapts perfectly to any type of interior thanks to its white and cream colours and sober patterns. These Beni Ouarain cushions are handwoven by women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco of pure organic wool and natural cotton.

Berber pillows are unique; each has its own individual style and embroidery. Mayala Home offers some that are decorated with the famous diamonds graphic patterns; other have a dotted pattern.

Poufs & Pillows artisans make this cushions from pieces of the famous Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs. This is an old ancestral technique, passed from one generation to another. And the result is these beautiful cushions that are warm, robust and resistant to the difficult conditions of life in the past.

Please be aware the inner cushion is not included! Go green and re-use old cushions or clothes for the stuffing!

Size: around 45x45 cm or 50x30 cm

Colour: White/cream with black dots or stripes

Material: Organic wool and cotton

Origin: Atlas mountains in Morocco