Ib Laursen

Brick Mould Box w/Handles

Brick Mould Box w/Handles


The Story of the Brick Mould with Handles

This charming brick mould box was made in India from old, used brick moulds. The metal fittings and metal handles have been fitted at a later stage. There may be cracks, fissures and splinters in the wood. This is unavoidable, as old, used brick moulds have been used to make the box. There will be rust and marks on the metal, which is a deliberate choice from designer Ib Laursen to make the box look old and raw. The wood type is unknown, since this brick mould is made of recycled wooden moulds.

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This is an IB Laursen product.

Size: W: 25 H: 8 L: 30 cm

Material: Recycled Wood, Metal

Colour: Wood

Origin: India