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Double Brick Mould

Double Brick Mould


The Story of the Unique Double Brick Mould

These recycled wooden double brick moulds are used in India to mould two bricks simultaneousy, by hand. Brick makers put the clay in the double mould; then press it and shake it. Now they take the bricks out and put them in the Indian sun to dry. Then this process is repeated.

All brick moulds are unique. They are made of different wood types, and differ in age and looks. Which makes them perfect to combine with other brick moulds. We also sell single brick moulds, in black and wood colour, and brick moulds with 3 rooms.

Great for storage of kitchen or bathroom accessories, plants and candles.

This is an IB Laursen product.

Size: W: 15 H: 10 L: 57 cm

Material: Recycled Wood

Colour: Wood (brown)

Origin: India