Imbarro Cushion Rib Ocre

Imbarro Cushion Rib Ocre


Corduroy is back! This fairly made velvety cushion from India has a wavy but soft structure, which makes sitting on or near it very inviting! Great size to use as a cushion for the lower back as well, or on a dining chair, armchair, sofa..

Brighten up your home. Why not?

The Story of Imbarro's Cushion Rib Ocre

Imbarro's designs are known for their original and colourful look, a fair price and good quality. They make sure that new collections can always be mixed with earlier ones. The collections are designed in The Netherlands and produced by small factories in India.

India is the country of colour, handwork and craftsmanship. Imbarro builds long-lasting relationships with the vendors and visits the factories on a regular basis. Therefore, we know that the working conditions are right for the workers.

Most of the printing is done by handscreen; each colour has its own screen. The used paint is ecological and the water used for cleaning the screens is filtered and re-used. Plastic is used as little as possible and mostly recycled. There is constant talk how everything can be sustainably produced.

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Colour: Ocre

Size: 35 x 50cm

Material: Made of 100% cotton

Origin: Fair trade from India

Use: Machine wash max. 30°C