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Deco Board With Carvings

Deco Board With Carvings


This wooden Deco Board with Carvings is unique, authentic and originates from India. The carving is newly added and 100% handmade. Carvings, sizes and wood types vary. The wood may have cracks and fissures. Each and every piece is different and unique. Which is wonderful!

The deco board can also be referred to as Patta or Pataa Board. In India these are used as low tables or seats, so people don't have to sit or eat on the floor. We also have Coloured Pataa BoardsDouble Pataa Boards and Wooden Pataa Boards without carving.

An Ib Laursen product.

Size: around w 28 x l 40 cm

Material: Recycled Wood

Colour: Wood

Origin: India