Handmade Easter Decoration Crochet

Handmade Easter Decoration Crochet


The Story of the Handmade Crochet Easter Decoration

Crochet and knitting are the two most popular handicrafts in Nepal. The items are crafted entirely by hand by Nepalese women enabling them to earn their own money in one of the poorest countries in the world. As all items are handmade, small variations in size and appearance may occur, emphasising that it is a craft and not mass production on machines. This is what gives each item its charm and uniqueness.

An IbLaursen product.

We have 5 different variations:

Easter Bunny Large (with legs and arms): W: 5,5 H: 11,5 L: 8 cm

Easter Bunny Small: W: 3,7 H: 8 L: 3,7 cm

Bird: W: 3 H: 6,5 L: 4,5 cm

Easter Egg Large: W: 4 H: 5 L: 4 

Easter Egg Small: W: 3,5 H: 4,5 L: 3,5 

Material: Cotton

Colour: 6 assorted colours

Origin: Nepal