Black Striped Jute Bag - Van Verre Fairtrade

Black Striped Jute Bag - Van Verre Fairtrade


The Story of the Black Striped Jute Bag

Gorgeous bags to store, to carry or to hold a wide variety of things. A beautiful inner lining, detailed with a handmade, simple and delicate kantha stich that makes the bag exceptional. Bring the bag to the beach or shopping. Hang on a hook to collect your laundry or use them for empty bottles. Just to name a few... The strong handles are woven on a special narrow loom to prevent fraying.

The fair trade bag by Van Verre Fairtrade is inspired by Mother Nature and handmade from biodegradable, environmentally friendly, pure vegetable jute and cotton. Jute, a soft long shiny natural fibre, is spun into coarse, strong threads. These striped bags are made with traditional age-old techniques using sustainable methods and natural dye.

Use: To maintain the original look, gently hand wash with lukewarm water. Cold rinse and dry in a shady place.

Colour: Black and natural jute
If you're interested in different colours (green, orange, red, pink) please contact us on!

Size: 40 cm high, Ø 40 cm

Material: Natural jute with a cotton lining and finished with the traditional kantha stitch 

Origin: A Silk Route product, fair trade and handmade in India by talented weavers and stitchers