Rustik Lys

Pencil Candles by Rustik Lys

Pencil Candles by Rustik Lys


Pencil candles (also called Christmas tree candles) are fun all year round. Due to the small size, they brighten up every corner, nice and cosy!

They are sold per 20 units in a pretty craft box. Great gift as well!

Have you seen our cute angel candles and pretty Christmas tree candles as well? Or do you prefer to add sparkles with our high gloss dinner candles?

Rustik Lys' candles are still made partly by hand and in a traditional way. Rustik Lys only use the best raw materials and manufacturing methods for people and environment that meet the highest quality standards. So that you can enjoy these candles carefree!

Size: 1,2 x 10 cm

Burning hours: 1,5

Colours: Brique and White/Gold

Origin: Handmade and designed by Rustik Lys in the Netherlands