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Seagrass Donkey

Seagrass Donkey


The Story of the Seagrass Donkey (Fairtrade)

This finely crafted donkey is braided by hand in Morocco, in a fishermen's town called Essaouira. The seagrass initially has a greenish colour, but over time transforms into yellowish. It ages beautifully over time, you'll see!

Seagrass is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable material. Hypoallergenic too! Because of its hand braided nature, every piece is unique.

The design of these products is a collaboration between Household Hardware and Moroccan artisans, with most respect for the artisans and the Moroccan tradition. So are our beautiful Berber Baskets!


Size: height including ears is 50 cm

Material: 100% natural seagrass

Colour: natural 

Origin: Fair trade from Essaouira, Morocco, by Household Hardware