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Vietnamese Silkscreen Print - Van Verre Fairtrade

Vietnamese Silkscreen Print - Van Verre Fairtrade


The Story of the Vietnamese Silkscreen Print

Vietnamese Propaganda Posters were created in the '50s by artists to tell and express important stories and to get messages across.

During the years of conflict in the 1950s-1970s, the posters were often about war and resistance and later used as an instrument to stimulate the building and development of a nation.

Today, propaganda posters still colour the streets of Vietnam, especially before and after big national events. The themes are often about recent development, new ideals or to inspire the Vietnamese people to exercise and to stay healthy, to take care of the environment and the importance of education.

The original posters are now collectors' items. Van Verre's choice is work of well knows artists, a visual and social history of Vietnam in times of peace.

This poster has been printed on handmade mulberry paper, and includes a paper with this story and the name of the artist.

Size: 30x40 cm

Material: Silkscreen on handmade paper

Title: An Inch of Land - A Bar of Gold

Artist: Pham Thanh Liem

Origin: Fairtrade from Vietnam.