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Wooden Indian Pataa Board

Wooden Indian Pataa Board


The Story of the Indian Pataa Boards (Fairtrade)

Pataa boards were used in India as low seats or tables, since the floor could be cold or dirty. They are ideal for showcasing and highlighting unique pieces, and can also be used as a tray to serve breakfast in bed or as a side table, for instance when using the laptop. Every piece is fair trade, handmade and unique.

The pieces are of high quality and reflect authenticity, tradition, and hours of dedication. If you look closely at the pieces, you’ll see they all have some marks and tiny imperfections. This is because each product is different and has a long history, and is therefore beautiful and fascinating in its own right.

VAN VERRE supports the local artisans in India and contributes to the preservation of traditional handicrafts and professions. Not only do the artisans get a fair price for their products, but VAN VERRE also builds sustainable ties and facilitates self-sufficiency. This way, livelihood opportunities for all partners in the prosperity chain are provided for. 

We also have coloured Pataa Boards available.

Size: M approximately 30 x 40/50 cm; L 35 x 50/60 cm. But they are all unique and vary in size and model.

Material: Wood (vintage pataa boards)

Colour: Brown (wood colour)

Origin: Fair trade from India, made by a wood carver, found on Van Verre's travels along the Silk Route