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Frazada Cushions - Fairtrade

Frazada Cushions - Fairtrade


The Story of the Fairtrade Frazada Cushions - Van Verre Fairtrade

Beautiful cushions in joyful bright or soft and earthy colours. A second life is given to these gorgeous fabrics which breathe the atmosphere of the intense highland life of the Andes mountains in Bolivia. Pure craftsmanship of the Aymara women; with the simplicity of four pins in the floor, they weave their soft frazada blankets at home.

The blankets were used to stay warm during the long, cold nights and are now turned into these beautiful cushions. Choose the cushions that match your personality as because of their very high quality, they will enrich your interior and exterior for years to come!

Every piece is unique and carries the same pattern and colours on both sides of the item. We are happy to hand-pick the most beautiful pieces for you, based on your preferences. Please send us a request via or mention your colour preferences in the notes of your order. All cushions in the pictures should be available.

A Fairtrade product.

Material: 100% wool with traces of alpaca wool

Dimensions: 40x40, 50x30, 60x40 and 60x60 cm

Origin: made in Bolivia by women of the Aymara tribe