Scented Soy Wax Candles

Giselle Habraken, owner of Brandt kaarsen, tells the story:

The Apothecary collection was the first collection we designed, developed and launched well over 3 years ago. Shortly after, the Wood Collection followed. Over time the collection grew steadily and we now have 8 types of apothecary candles with scents of flowers and fruits.

Apothecary collection

These handmade apothecary candles are poured into classic, brown apothecary jars. We were inspired by the vintage apothecary style combined with a minimalist label design. The neutral colours of the label, jar and wax create a relaxing and timeless appearance.

With the apothecary candles, we’ve developed a collection that will look good in lots of different interiors. It’s accessible because of its appearance and has a style that’s typical for Brandt. Even though the style of these apothecary candles hasn’t changed for over 3.5 years, it remains the apple of our eye.

Scents of flowers and fruits

The Apothecary collection has 8 different scents of flowers and fruits. Because the style of the candles is timeless, we also want to introduce timeless scents with this collection. Simple, accessible and recognisable.

A lavender candle that truly smells like lavender. A fresh and slightly herbal combination of green tea and lime that emits a subtle scent. Or the scent of honeysuckle that brings back memories for so many people.

Vegan apothecary candles

You could say that the Lisa Goes Vegan candle officially isn’t part of the Apothecary family. However, these candles are hand-poured into the same amber coloured jars. We’ve developed these vegan candles (no worries, all our candles are vegan) together with Lisa Goes Vegan. And we are very proud of the result. With the combination of scents (Green Tea, Magnolia and White Musk) you instantly imagine yourself in a blooming flower garden.

Wood scented candles

The Wood Collection candles are made from 100% soy wax, the best natural wood oils and a label made from recycled paper printed with eco-ink. The glasses are stylish, minimalist whiskey glasses which you can reuse as regular glasses after burning your candle with your favourite wood scent.

We try to make choices which are as sustainable as possible for all our candles. This is why these candles are packaged in an ethically produced paperwise box. It contains a card printed on eco-friendly paper with tips for burning candles. Our best tip: keep your wick short.  

Did you finish burning your Wood Collection candle? Here’s a great tip: rinse it with warm water and soap and remove the foot of the wick and label to reuse it as a beautiful whiskey glass. Not a whiskey lover? No worries. It’s also suitable for other beverages!