Here you will find a unique collection of small, sustainable furniture. This collection changes regularly, and is often supplemented with unique pieces that we -sometimes with much luck!- have been able to source. All furniture is made by hand, in the traditional way, with respect for people and the environment during the production process. Many pieces come from India, but there are also small tables from Hungary, for example.

Some items in this collection, such as the lovely Pataa Boards, can also be used for a purpose other than what they were originally made for. These traditional tables or chairs, for example, often serve as a platform for decoration, and nowadays they often stand on a table themselves. Whatever you want to do with it, it's great that these often vintage pieces are still in use and find a new life in perhaps your home.

Almost all wooden furniture pieces are made from recycled wood, such as these beautiful rustic wall shelves. In this way they get a second, or perhaps a third or fourth life, and they can pass on the stories of their previous lives to you.