Mayala's Story

The Story of Mayala Home

We sell unique pieces from half a world away (or closer!) that make you go wow and feel good. Because there is something good about each product in this shop, or several things, in most cases! And I would love to share their inspirational stories with you.

Mayala Home was set up by me, Carolien Brand, in August 2020. The idea for the webshop was born from my passion for traveling and a fascination for other cultures. Combine this with a background in development & human rights work, as well as a love for home decorations, and you get Mayala Home.

During my world travels I’ve come to notice that colours are different everywhere you go. Once upon a time these colours inspired me to travel to Mexico. It was a fascinating journey. I have, in the meantime, learnt that every part of the world has its own colour combination or pattern; from ancient times people have been telling their stories through these colours.

When you see the artisans at work, creating yet another wonder, it is so inspiring and uplifting. It somehow always brings a smile to my face. This is the feeling that I want you to feel in your home.


Mayala's mission is to sell timeless and unique items made with love and selected with care. To support their makers in a fair and honest way. We respect people and the environment and therefore sell sustainable products. Whether it’s fair trade, eco-friendly, recycled, ethical, organic.. We help to preserve ancient techniques and handicrafts. We want you to be proud of the pieces you purchase. And this way contribute to a better world.

We invite you to travel the world online and shop responsively. Enjoy what artisans from half a world away have made for you. These pieces exhibit natural beauty and character and have that most precious of added dimensions: the story of their origin. These aspects seem lost and insignificant in a world of mass-production and commercialism. Mayala is working to restore the balance, to give the pieces their voice and to share it with you.

Why 'Mayala'?

The name 'Mayala' is my own creation based on the word 'Maya'. Apart from the fact that I just love the exotic sound of it, it is mainly a reference to the Maya culture in Central America. The remnants of this refined culture can still be found in Mexico, where I first came across this wonderful culture, and which impresses me to this day. It encouraged my enthusiasm for cultures other than my own and nourished my eagerness to discover the world. It is for these reasons that I have chosen this appropriate name.
It is a word without meaning, and therefore open to interpretation. I will strive to give the word a positive connection for you too.


Mayala Home is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. We are a webshop only, but if you would like to see specific products in person, you can visit us by appointment.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact us on info@ or phone +31 68199 2120.

You can also find us on social media @mayalahome. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Happy shopping!

With love,


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