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Malawi Cane Chair - Fairtrade

Malawi Cane Chair - Fairtrade


The Story of the Malawi Cane Chair

This iconic Malawi chair will never go out of style. The beauty and simplicity will make it a striking eye-catcher as both a dining and lounge chair. The chair is a pleasure to sit in with its comfortable proportions, making it the perfect chair for any home.

Each Malawi Chair is manually woven with a rich sense of cultural tradition along the shores of Lake Malawi. The African cane reeds are harvested and dried in the hot African sun. The art of weaving cane is passed on from generation to generation and it takes up to 8 days for a skilled man to make a chair. Each man has his own signature shown in the pattern of weaving. The producers are small-scale farmers, organised in a local co-operative, weaving outside the planting or harvesting season. Support the prosperity chain and give the artisans a sustainable income to support their families while preserving their cultural heritage and celebrating the beautiful handicraft of cane weaving.

Use: Enjoy in- and outdoors. The cane reeds and wooden frame aren’t treated and might discolour when wet. To keep the natural look, we advise not to leave the chair outside during inclement weather conditions, unless you prefer the dark grey teak look.

Size: 74 x 75 x 60cm per unit

Colour: Natural cane

Material: Cane (harvested around lake Malawi), blue gum wood

Origin: Handmade in Malawi, fair trade