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Ethic & Tropic masker kunstmasker tribal art mask Haarlem
Ethic Tropic fairtrade mask handmade ethnic tribe Panama
Ethic & Tropic Mask Loro Verde
Ethic & Tropic
Beni Ourain cushion black white Ouarain kussen zwart wit
Beni Ourain gestippeld kussen wit zwart Marokko berber kussens
Berber Cushion Beni Ouarain
Poufs & Pillows
African mud cloth pillow black white triangles poufs pillows
Mali Bogolan pillow cushion black white Poufs Pillows
African Mudcloth Cushion
Poufs & Pillows
Vanilla Blanc reed diffuser gift set Bergamot Huile Ylang
Vanilla Blanc geurstokjes bergamot yang olie kadoset
From €46,00
Vanilla Blanc Reed Diffuser Gift Set
Vanilla Blanc
Vissevasse Everwrap sustainabe gift wrap reusable
Sustainable gift wrapping everwrap Vissevasse Prospectt
Everwrap - Sustainable Gift Wrap
Malawi Cane Chair Van Verre Fairtrade
Malawi cane chair Van verre fair trade
Malawi Cane Chair - Fairtrade
Van Verre
Colourful Frazada blankets Van Verre Fairtrade
From €249,00
Frazada Blankets - Fairtrade
Van Verre
Frazada kussen 60x40 en 50x30 gestreept bruin fairtrade
Frazadas Van Verre Fairtrade colourful striped cushions wool
From €99,95
Frazada Cushions - Fairtrade
Van Verre
Brazier on Stand Ib Laursen Fire pot
Metalen Vuurpot Buiten Ib Laursen Outdoor Fire
Brazier on Stand
Ib Laursen
Houten Paardenhoofd op Standaard de Weldaad India
Houten Paardenhoofd Op Standaard Voet Sokkel Paard Hout
Authentic Wooden Horse Head Sculpture
Mayala Home
Washtub Laundry Tub Kuip Metaal Ijzer Weldaad
Wastobbe Kuip Haarlem Groot Vintage India
Large Vintage Iron Tub
De Weldaad
Deco Board with Carvings Ib Laursen Houten Plank met Decoratie
Deco Board with Carving Ib Laursen
Deco Board With Carvings
Ib Laursen
Unique Wall Shelf with Different Rooms Ib Laursen
Rustieke Wandplank Vakken IbLaursen Hout
Unique Wall Shelf with Different Rooms
Ib Laursen
Tea Towel Organic Beige Black Stripes Ib Laursen
Theedoek biologisch katoen organic tea towel
Tea towel Organic beige w/black stripes
Ib Laursen
Bruine Vaas Glas Ballon Klein IbLaursen
Glazen Ballonvaas IbLaursen Grijs Grey
From €27,50
Glass Balloon Vase Hand-Blown
Ib Laursen
Black Striped Cushion Zwart Gestreept Kussen
De Weldaad Block Print Cushion Striped
Striped Block Print Cushion
De Weldaad
Blockprint Cushion Haarlem Handmade Kussen De Weldaad Kussens
Blokdruk kussen de Weldaad Kussens online
Large Cushion with Block Print
De Weldaad
Striped Rug Grey Yellow De Weldaad
De Weldaad Gestreept Vloerkleed Oker Grijs Zwart Strepen
Handloom Jute Rug Grey-Yellow
De Weldaad
Mynte theedoek Rustic Brown IB Laursen
Knitted Tea Towel Mynte Textile IB Laursen gehaakt
Knitted Tea Towel Ib Laursen Mynte
Ib Laursen
Popcorn kussen Imbarro Olive
Imbarro Popcorn kussens
Imbarro Popcorn Cushion
Wooden Tray 2 layers IBLaursen Unique
Wooden Tray 2 layers IBLaursen Unique Duurzaam Eco
Unique Wooden Tray 2-Layers
Ib Laursen
Wooden Chapati Board Carved Sustainable Home Decorations Online
Chapati Board With Carving Ib Laursen Unique Haarlem
Wooden Chapati Board with Carving
Mayala Home
Indigo Runner Fairtrade Kleed Blauw Blokdruk
Blue Indigo Rug Handprinted Kleed Blauw Kleedje Handgemaakt Handgeknoopt
From €25,00
Block Printed Indigo Rug
De Weldaad
Shelf w/edges UNIQUE IB Laursen Nederland
Wooden Wall Shelf Wandplank Hout Rustiek Haarlem Muurdecoratie
From €15,00
Wooden Shelf with Edges
Ib Laursen