Letterpress Greeting Cards

These wonderful cards are designed and printed by letterpress in the United Kingdom by Archivist Gallery. Each pack contains 5 cards, which are blank inside, and 5 white Envelopes, while product and wrapping are both 100% compostable. The wood used is FSC Accredited. 

Dimensions of the cards are 125 x 88 x 15 mm. 

Ink and Paper have always been central ingredients to Archivist Gallery's business and now that they are the proud owners of Britain’s largest dedicated Letterpress printing facility, Archivist has the wherewithal to take its famous quality and innovation to even higher levels. You, our customers are fabulously sophisticated and are rightly demanding of not only quality but integrity in manufacture and both Archivist Gallery and Mayala Home are with you on this exciting journey where ‘unfettered consumerism’ is replaced by ‘conscious giving’.

If you are curious about the process of letterpress printing, have a look at the Archivist Press.