Van Verre

Glass Candlestick Antique

Glass Candlestick Antique


Create an abundance of colour and light! These fair trade candlesticks instantly create a warm atmosphere in the favourite corners of your home. Available in unique colours, inspired by the palette of the famous, Dutch painter Rembrandt; a perfect combination of both winter and summer shades. Fill your table with the various designs like Candlestick Twist or Candlestick Fin de Siècle and combine them with candles in contrasting colours for a playful effect. 

The Story of these Glass Candlesticks

Van Verre’s beautiful glassware collection is produced in Portugal using traditional 150-year-old glass blowing techniques. Traditional Portuguese glassblowers use handmade moulds in which the hot glass cools down and finds its shape. Then the candlestick rims are cut, edged and polished with the greatest attention. This makes every piece unique.

Size: 24 cm

Material: Glass

Colour: Green, grey or purple

Use: Please note when burning a candle to remove it in time; the glass will crack when overheated. The colour is fully integrated into the glass and therefore dishwasher safe.

Origin: Fair trade from Portugal, made by skilled glass masters