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Star Garland Natural / Gold - Fairtrade

Star Garland Natural / Gold - Fairtrade


The Story of the Fairtrade Star Garland Natural / Gold

How can something simple as a palm leaf become such a pretty handcrafted item and also bring an important change to rural women in Bangladesh?

These gold dotted star garlands are handmade by over 50 women, who get a good income and a status, which enables them to buy healthy food for their family and give their children an education.

Again a win-win situation, since you get a gorgeous handmade Christmas ornament while these women get a fair wage and improve their lives.

Packed in a handmade ANNA NERA storage box which makes it great for gifting!

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Size: 270 cm

Material: Organic and eco-friendly palm leaf

Colour: Natural with golden dots

Origin: Fairtrade from Bangladesh