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Brick Mould with Handles

Brick Mould with Handles


The Story of the Brick Mould with Handles

Wooden moulds were used in India to make hand moulded bricks. The clay is put in the mould, where it is pressed and shaken, and the brick is taken out, so it can lie in the sun and dry – and the mould is now ready to make the next brick. All brick moulds are unique as to wood type, age and appearance.

Great to fill with plants, stationary items, candles or food jars and pots. You can also line it with a funky tea towel or dish cloth and fill it with buns!

This is an IB Laursen product. IB Laursen ApS contributes to the work of the Red Cross, and makes sure they are always present. Red Cross is the worlds largest humanitarian organisation, working to support people in need.

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Size: W: 15 H: 9 L: 45 cm

Colour: Light brown (wood)

Material: Recycled wood and metal

Origin: India