Ib Laursen

Christmas Ornaments Pebbled Glass - Flat

Christmas Ornaments Pebbled Glass - Flat


These original and unique pebbled glass Christmas ornaments are designed by Ib Laursen in Denmark. They are handmade by age-old mouth-blowing techniques, using recycled glass. The pebbled appearance in the glass originates from mini pieces of silver metal which are added to the molten glass. This makes it look like there are small bits of pebble stones in the glass.

For these Christmas ornaments double-layered glass is used. This creates unevenness and makes each ornament truly unique.

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Shape: Flat 

Sizes: S (W:3 H:7 L:6,5) and L (W:4 H:11 L:10)

Colours: Purple, Green and Brown

Material: Mouth-blown, recycled glass

Origin: India