Rustik Lys

Christmas Tree Candles by Rustik Lys

Christmas Tree Candles by Rustik Lys


The most wonderful time of the year is the time to go big! For once, excess doesn't hurt, so grab your chance and make it extra cosy with Rustik Lys's Christmas trees!

These wonderful candles are sustainably made by hand and designed by Rustik Lys in the Netherlands.

We have lovely Angel Sculpture Candles too. Super to combine with these Christmas Trees!

We have other lovely sculpture candles too, like this pretty Sculpture Candle Bloom or this Rustik Lys Petal Sculpture Candle

Please note: the sculpture candles may leak, since they are completely made out of candle wax. We therefore recommend that you place the candles on a saucer.


Christmas tree L: 10 x 20 cm; 42 burning hours

Christmas tree S: 6.3 x 12 cm; 13 burning hours

Colours: Dark brown (Cognac), Light Brown (Fudge), Green (Eucalyptus), Light Pink, Gold

Origin: the Netherlands