Rustik Lys

Rustik Lys Dinner Candles Slim Swirl (per pair)

Rustik Lys Dinner Candles Slim Swirl (per pair)


The Story of the Slim Swirl Dinner Candles

These Slim Swirl candles are still really turned by hand. Pure craftsmanship! Small imperfections are living proof of this and make the candles even more beautiful in our eyes. The Swirl candles are dipped, which means that the candles are not coloured through-and-through.

Rustik Lys candles are made with love, in an honest and traditional way. Thanks to many years of cooperation with the factories, there is no doubt that the candles are of high quality and the products are produced in a fair and humane manner. 

We can therefore guarantee that these candles:
burn longer;
burn clean (no smoke and splash);
do not discolour quickly;
comply with all legal quality marks.

Rustik Lys's candles are still largely made in the traditional way and partly by hand. For this they only use the best raw materials and manufacturing methods for people and the environment that meet the very highest quality standards. So that you can enjoy our candles without any worries.

The factories of Rustik Lys are constantly making improvements so that their ecological footprint remains as small as possible.

These slim candles are sold per pair.

Follow these TIPS to maximise enjoyment of your candle!

Burning time: +/- 4 hrs

SizeØ1,2 x 30 cm

Material: Paraffin

Colours: Lavender and Blossom

Origin: All candles are made in Europe. All raw materials used (paraffin, wicks, pigments) come from European (mainly German) soil.