Ib Laursen

Glass Balloon Vase Hand-Blown

Glass Balloon Vase Hand-Blown


This pretty recycled glass balloon vase from Ib Laursen adds style to your interior. The different sizes and colours can be easily combined. By adding some dried flowers to your vase you follow the current interior trend.

Since these balloon vases are made from mouth blown glass little air bubbles can appear in the glass, as well as some tiny imperfections. This however all adds to the uniqueness of each vase and shows that the vases have been made by hand.

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Sizes in cm: Green h24 x Ø17; Grey h36 x Ø20; Brown h28 x Ø17 and h55 x Ø24; Malva h26 x Ø24 cm

Colours: Green, Grey, Brown and Malva (Purple)

Material: Recycled, mouth blown glass

Origin: Denmark