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Golden Convex Mirror

Golden Convex Mirror


This handmade gold-coloured convex mirror catches your eye from every angle! The round shape combines really well with straight lines. These round golden mirrors look great as a set, also in combination with the convex mirrors with black wooden frame

The decorative convex mirror has a very interesting history. 

The Story of the Convex Mirror

The convex mirror has been known by many names since the Middle Ages:

Banker's mirror - Bankers hung the convex mirrors in their establishments to spy on potentially unwanted visitors;

Butler's mirror - Butlers used the mirror to check on the progress of their master's supper;

Witch's Eye - In the Middle Ages, people accredited the convex mirror with magical powers. People thought that this mirror was all-observing and repelled evil forces, like a huge eye. For this reason, households used to place at least one mirror next to their door or windows to prevent the entry of evil.

What will yóu use this mirror for?

Size: S - Ø11 x h2 cm; M - Ø14 x h2 cm; L - Ø21 x h3 cm

Colour: Gold

Material: Brass frame

Origin: Handmade in India 

Part of the Weldaad Collection