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Large Cushion with Block Print

Large Cushion with Block Print


The Story of the Large Cushion with Block Print

This lovely, soft and large cushion is handprinted in India with the traditional block print technique. Since the cushions are printed by hand, every piece is unique. 

With block printing, engraved wooden blocks are used to stamp patterns on the fabric by hand. It is a very old, simple and slow process, but capable of producing very artistic results, which are sometimes unobtainable by any other technique.

The process begins by etching out the designs in the durable wooden blocks. One specific point on the block is used as a guide for the repeat impression, to make the whole effect continuous and not disjoint. 

Block printing is popular in India because of its ease and simplicity, while the obtained prints are sharp and fine. 

Below an impression of the etching and block printing technique.

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Size: D50 x H15 x W70 cm

Material: Cotton and fibrefill

Colour: White with black print

Origin: Handmade in India