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Starlightz Paper Star Lantern

Starlightz Paper Star Lantern



The Story of the Paper Star Lanterns (fairtrade)

Celebrate Christmas under the enchanting, colourful Starlightz from India. Bringing soft and warm light to your favourite spaces or gift them to a special someone. Let the colours inspire you to create beautiful combinations.

These Starlightz lamps are eco-friendly and made by passionate Indian craftswomen and -men. These artisans created this beautiful, safe and traditional product, fusing traditional Indian patterns with modern western design. The patterns are printed on the stars, using silk screen printing techniques and the hundreds of hand-punched holes are forming tiny stained glass windows, as itsy-bitsy pieces of colourful tissue paper are glued at the backside of each hole. Then the paper is carefully folded and shaped to become the magical Starlightz lamps.

Unfold the points of the stars easily by placing your hand in each point and to spread your fingers gently afterwards. These star lamps are TUV certified, meaning it can hold a 60W light to create warm light.

Material: Paper (silk screen painted, hand punched holes)

Size: Ø60 cm / 25 cm wide

Colour: Gold or Red. If you're interested in different colours, please contact us!

Origin: Made in India by specialized star lamps craftsmen and craftswomen