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Striped Block Print Cushion

Striped Block Print Cushion


The Story of the Striped Block Print Cushion

This wonderful cushion with black stripes is handmade in India, using the ancient block print technique. These cushions are printed by hand, which makes every piece unique. 

Matches perfectly with our large block print cushion, also from de Weldaad Collection.

With block printing, engraved wooden blocks are used for printing the patterns onto the fabric. It is an ancient technique, slow and simple, capable of producing highly artistic results.

With block printing, the designs are carved into wooden blocks. Every block has a point which is used as a guide to make the design continuous, without interruptions.

Block printing is a popular technique because it's easy and simple, and creates sharp and fine prints. Read more about block printing here.

Below an impression of the etching and block print technique.

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Size: D40 x H10 x W60 cm

Material: Cotton and fibrefill

Colour: White with black print

Origin: Handmade in India