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Unique Wooden Tray 2-Layers

Unique Wooden Tray 2-Layers



The Story of the Unique Wooden Tray 2-Layers

This double wooden tray is made in India from recycled wood coming from demolition material. There will be knots, cracks, fissures and splinters in the wood, and the type of wood will vary. Which makes each and every one of them unique!

Use them in the kitchen -as a spice rack and for dish cloths-, in your office -to keep all your documents-, in the living room -for plants and candles- or in your bedroom -for your books and alarm clock!

This is an IB Laursen product. IB Laursen ApS contributes to the work of the Red Cross, and makes sure they are always present. Red Cross is the worlds largest humanitarian organisation, working to support people in need. 

SizeW: 25 H: 25 L: 43

Material: Recycled wood and metal

Colour: Light Brown (natural wood)

Origin: Handmade in India