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Vintage Indian Barrel Container

Vintage Indian Barrel Container



The Story of the Barrel Container

These fun, coloured and fair trade barrels with lids come from India. They were originally used to store food, like grains, as the Indians often did not have cupboards in the kitchen. You can of course also use them as a waste bin or planter, or just for decoration.

The history of the containers shows through the oxidation from elements and years of use. Also, some of these may have minor dings and again, use is apparent. But in our opinion, this is what makes these barrels so charming! And unique of course.

Size: Small height 22-28 cm; Ø 19-23cm; Large height 38-49cm; Ø 28-33cm

Material: Iron

Colour: Different colours, see pictures

Origin: Handmade in India