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Wooden Chapati Bowl

Wooden Chapati Bowl



The Story of the Wooden Chapati Bowl

Authentic chapati bowls that have been passed on from generation to generation become fruit bowls in our homes. Chapati is an unleavened Indian flatbread. Women in India still carry the chapati bowls on their heads and go around the village to trade. Just like their ancestors did years and years ago. The bowls carry their stories with traces of these former lives. Each piece unique in colour, size and shape.

We take recycling seriously. This is why we offer a whole collection of recycled products. From trash to treasure, beautiful and unique items for the conscious consumer.

Buying this handmade and authentic product from VAN VERRE means you are supporting the local artisans in India and contribute to the preservation of traditional handicrafts and professions. Not only do the artisans get a fair price for their products, but VAN VERRE also builds sustainable ties and facilitates self-sufficiency. This way, livelihood opportunities for all partners in the prosperity chain are provided for. 

The pieces are of high quality and reflect authenticity, tradition, and hours of dedication. If you look closely at the pieces, you’ll see they have some cracks and fissures. This is because each product has a long history, which makes it beautiful and fascinating in its own right.

Size: 15-34 cm or 35-40 cm

Material: Different types of wood, depends on the bowl. All vintage chapati bowls.

Colour: Brown (wood colour), some with slight traces of paint. Not one is alike.

Origin: Fair trade and handmade in India by a wood carver