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Wooden Convex Mirror

Wooden Convex Mirror



This handmade wooden convex mirror is a real eye-catcher! Because of its round nature, it is perfect to hang over a fireplace to break up the straight lines of the mantlepiece. The decorative convex mirror comes with an interesting history.

The Story of the Convex Mirror

The convex mirror has been a feature of art in Northern Europe since the middle ages. It has been known by many names:

Butler's mirror - because it allowed butlers to oversee the progress of supper from a distance;

Banker's mirror - to allow bankers to oversee their establishments and spy on potentially unscrupulous visitors;

Witch's Eye - In the 15th century, people believed that the convex mirror had magical powers. It was thought the convex was all-observing and repelled evil forces, like a giant eye. It was therefore common to place at least one mirror next to a door or window in your house to prevent the entry of evil.

Size: S - Ø20 x h5 cm; M - Ø23 x h5 cm; L - Ø30 x h4 cm

Colour: Black and gold

Material: Wooden frame

Origin: Handmade in India 

Part of the Weldaad Collection