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Wooden Chapati Board with Carving

Wooden Chapati Board with Carving



The Story of the Wooden Chapati Board with Carving

These charming chapati boards are carefully hand carved in India. They are newly produced, but made of recycled wood from eg. old pillars. Patterns, sizes, thickness and wood types will vary. No two are the same! Cracks and fissures may occur, but they will only add charm to the product.

These board are used in India to roll out chapati breads. These are unleavened flatbreads originating in India and staple in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caribbean. The breads are eaten by hand, with several side dishes, like curries and dal.

The rustic chapati boards look splendid on any table, with a glass cover on top or a vase with dried flowers. Plant pots look lovely on them too. Or try using them as pan coasters!

We also have round or square chapati plates on little feet, without carving.

SizeØ 20 cm

Material: Recycled wood

Origin: Handmade in India