Ib Laursen

Mouth Blown Glass Cover

Mouth Blown Glass Cover



This handblown glass cover by Ib Laursen is the latest trend. The perfect display for dried flowers, candles, little ornaments (even toys!), cheese, you name it! Even empty on a wooden or stone chapati board it looks very stylish. Or try hanging it upside down in a crochet plant hanger!

The Story of the Mouth Blown Glass Cover

This glass cover is mouth blown using age-old glassblowing techniques, in which traditional glassblowers use a blowpipe or blow tube to inflate molten glass into a bubble (or parison). This creates a beautiful uniqueness to the glass; the covers vary in height, thickness, weight and appearance. 

Did you know we sell Mouth Blown Glass Balloon Vases as well?

Size: Big: H20 Ø12 cm, Small: H15 Ø10 cm

Material: Mouth blown Glass

Colour: Clear

Origin: IB Laursen in Denmark