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Long Letterpress Matchboxes

Long Letterpress Matchboxes


The Story of the Long Letterpress Matchboxes

These stylish, long matchboxes by Archivist Gallery are practical & fabulous all at the same time! Containing extra long match sticks they make lighting fires and storm lanterns a breeze! 

Contains 45 matches, each measuring 280mm long.

We also have fantastic Square Matchboxes by Archivist Gallery.

A matchbox to be proud of, since all products and packaging are fully recyclable or biodegradable! Would you like to know how these match boxes were printed? Check out the Archivist Press.

Did you know Archivist Gallery also makes wonderful Letterpress Greeting Cards?

Size: Long: 290 x 60 x 50 mm. The Rowers is 290 x 60 x 0 mm.

Material: FSC accredited paper and biodegradable cellophane

Origin: United Kingdom, India