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Wooden Chapati Board, Round

Wooden Chapati Board, Round


The Story of the Round Chapati Board (Fairtrade)

These wonderful authentic chapati boards are one of a kind! They have little feet to stand on and some have a handle as well. These plates are really old and used, which gives them their true character.

The plates were used in India to make chapati breads on. Chapati is a an unleavened flatbread originating in India and staple in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caribbean. The breads are eaten by hand, with several side dishes, like curries and dal.

You can use the chapati boards for display, to serve little tapas on, for candles, plants.. anything! But also just by themselves they attract the attention.

Since all plates are unique, we give you the opportunity to pick the one you like most! You can specify in the notes which plate you would like. If you don't specify, we will make sure to pick a beauty for you, don't worry!

We also have square chapati plates or chapati boards with carving.

Size: Ø20-30 cm, height 4-8 cm. All are unique and will vary in size and model.

Material: Wood (vintage chapati plate)

Colour: Brown (wood colour)

Origin: Fairtrade from India. Made by a wood carver, found on Van Verre's travels along the Silk Route